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If we were to say at Meletius, we breathe and live coffee, would it be too much? For us, it's never enough - we want to know where exactly our coffee is grown and under what conditions. Tracing this journey around the world, allows us to cultivate our coffee cherries before they even arrive to London.

To put it simply, there's two things we really care about: the quality of our product and those who love it. To ensure both are satisfied we take matters into our own hands. Literally. Every single batch. Hand roasted with the help of our traditional slow drums and exceptional attention to detail, we create delicious well balanced flavours with every cup.

Our Team

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About Us Meletius Coffee

Meletius Michael


About Us Meletius Coffee

Rolandas Matulaitis

Manager & Head Chef

About Us Meletius Coffee

Gayan Munaweera

Head of coffee

Opening your own coffee shop?

We can supply you with coffee and all needed equipment to open your business. If you want to try our coffee contact us for coffee samples and more [email protected]